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5 things you should check about your ride provider

by | Jun 13, 2021 | Travel tips

Many of our clients and friends have shared with us their bad experience with this kind of transportation to the airport. Following this, we have decided to share with you five essential things about transportation service provider to be checked before you pick your ride to the airport.

1. Is it legally registered firm and for how long has been in passenger transportation business

If this is unregistered business, you have no guarantees that you will get what you’ve paid for in terms of safety, vehicle quality, reliability and getting to destination on time. Also, in most cases there is very slim chance that you’ll be able to fulfil your rights through legal actions.

2. Is rented vehicle exclusively yours or it is the part of shared ride that you haven’t been told about?

It is not uncommon that couple or more passengers traveling together hire the whole car and end up riding in shared ride passenger van, stopping at few more addresses to pick up more people, speeding down the highway and getting to check-in at last minute.

3. Are they able to issue valid and legitimate VAT receipt?

Only if you have valid receipt, you’ll be able to initiate legal actions in case you didn’t get what you’ve payed and agreed for.

4. Do they have a backup car and driver that can get you to the airport on time in case of uncertainties such as car break down, car accident or similar?

A reputable service provider should have a risk mitigation plan in place how to get you safely and on time to the airport!

5. Do they have passenger insurance in case of accident?

This is very important point to check nonetheless it does not guarantee that service provider is legally registered business entity.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you check all above, ask around, check comments and reviews on the internet, and choose your transport carefully.

If you have additional suggestions, we will be happy to see them in the comments and incorporate in some of future posts.

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Mihaela Selgrad

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