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Who are we?

We are KIKI doo a passenger transportation company from Novi Sad that has been setting standards in this branch for last 20 years!

We provide personal and group transportation services by car hire with driver on short and long distances.

We have started with this business back in 2001 as a small family firm with one little car Citroen Berlingo. By working hard and support from the whole family through all these years we have increased the number and quality of our vehicles and managed not only to survive in the market amongst the big players, but also to become recognised by reliable and best quality service.

Also, using our considerable previous experience in Tourism and Passenger Transportation industry we have set the standards in our branch to the highest level.

Looking forward to meet you.

Thank you for using our services!

Olivera and Petar Inić – cofounders KIKI doo.

KIKI fleet Renault Trafic
KIKI fleet Skoda Superb

Best Quality Vehicles

All our vehicles have been bought as a brand new with Skoda Superb as the basis of our standard.

Professional service with highest standards in personal and group transportation that we have been providing during last twenty years is guided by our mission to show to the world that this kind of travel can be very comfortable, pleasant, fun, safe and reliable.

By providing service quality above our clients’ expectations, we are constantly improving general perception about our industry branch.

As a socially responsible organisation, we have set as the ultimate objective of our vision the transition to vehicles powered be renewable sources of energy as soon as legal, commercial and technical requirements are in place in Serbia.

As a service: To provide personal and group transportation services by vehicle with driver hire while delivering the highest quality service..

As an organisation: To provide stable work for us and our employees and sufficient income for our families’ decent life.


Vesna M.
Vesna M.
Highly recommend their services! Very professional. We used Ki-KI several times for transfers from the airport Nikola Tesla to Novi Sad, and their service has always been great. Drivers are very helpful and polite; cars are in great conditions and tidy.
Ivan Popadic
Ivan Popadic
Sve po dogovoru, veoma profesionalno.
Topla preporuka! Srđan - vozač broj 1!
Lazar Josanov
Lazar Josanov
Preporuka. Tacni, profesionalni, korektne cene.
Mitra Micanovic
Mitra Micanovic
odlicna usluga.
Aleksandar Kurjakov
Aleksandar Kurjakov
Professional service, you can rely on them every time

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